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At this point in history, more than ever before, we must remember that mass poverty is not created by the mistakes of a few people, it's created where society fail to stand together as one.

For us at 4Kids International, this is the essence  of life, and the zeal that leads us to continue to dedicate our  effort to providing through our work, remain a life line to children in need, for the painful memory of our recent history is surpassed by the memory of millions of children in dire need.

We therefore, dedicate the work of 4Kids International,for children who have lost their hopes and aspirations; and now have no vision for tomorrow. I am indeed grateful, and promise to work tirelessly to help make a difference in the lives of others, and to light up the faces of hope for the children, our future, and our tomorrow.

May God grant us his grace and sustain us for the volunteer work ahead. And may he bless the work of our hands.

By: JMichael Kumeh
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