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The International Program for Women, Youth and Children, will cover International Program for 2013/2017, based on our Donors. This Action-Plan covering the program.

The new program attempts to solicit new partnerships, as well as sustain old ones, in an effort to continue some of the basic priority area of its previous activities and interventions.

4Kids International, strive to build upon the life changing emphasis will center on the building upon our previous course of action, which provided tangible results whenever an intervention was undertaken.

-4Kids International 2013-2017 Program Agenda

​Our aims to continue to support all program action benefiting especially;

-The Rehabilitation, Development, and Selp empowerment of the women and youth

-Assistance in the restoration of the "Moral and social fabric of a Nation yet in the embryotic stages of  attempting to achieve total and genuine help in post conflict countries.

-Assisting in promoting advocacy, and resource mobilization on behalf of the destitute children affected by the HIV-Aids pandemic.

-It is within this ever evolving context of the 4Kids International program as a Humanitarian, Non-political children center, self empowerment and development oriented, entity that this new agenda is being proposed.

General Goals

The General Goal of the 4Kids International, is to create and promote standard programs, and capacity building activities, for target segments of the children. Long-Term objective of the program, is to provide over an initial four year period, much needed training, skill building and capacity development support for youth stability, growth, and development; facilitating as a result, the self- empowerment especially youth female heads of households, female youth in crisis, and in general the children and youth of  the World. These interventions are key contributions to addressing on a more permanent basis, the special needs of this segment of children in post conflict countries.

Street children and the less fortunate youth will be the target of 4Kids International activities. Special attention will be given to the needs and concerns of the disadvantage units in the society, especially the disable, orphans, and most concentration on children,  

-Social/Humanitarian Needs

* Training for youth affected in post conflict countries

* Support to indigent homes for needy children, handicapped and youth

* HIV/AIDS- Victim empowerment program through information

* Dissemination for survival with dignity

* Establishing a children play ground to bring the children together in post conflict countries

* Distribution of Relief items